The Reward Token


The Reward Token (RWT) is one of the first community-driven deflationary tokens, combining the concepts of GameFi, DeFi, and NFT to produce rewards for everyone on a continuous basis.

Beta Version for Android


Beta Version for Android

Now Trading on

REWARD TOKENIST !!! we would like to start by wishing you all a wonderful 2022! It has taken the team some time to get here but we are very pleased to finally make several announcements!

1. We have launched our first staking program on P2PB2B, which ended successfully, stay tuned for the announcement of the second pool

2. The new version of our 1st game REWARD RIDE is now available with a range of new and exciting cars! The new version of the game will also allow players to mine and earn RWT just for playing the game, while we also offer rewards for the highest weekly score!

3. Since the low trading volume we will withdraw the RWT from trading on Pancakeswap and we will add the liquidity to p2pb2b, while also looking for a second exchange to get listed.

4. Our second game REWARD RUN is also ready!! It is available for download at the Google Playstore. Since it is still new, we will give the community a chance to try it out and give us your feedback. Rewards will also be offered for the highest weekly score!

5. We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you all that the REWARDDEFI APP is nearly ready for Beta Testing and will be available for download at the Google Playstore very soon! It has taken us some time to develop it as it will have a wide range of features such as a wallet, swapping and exchanging options, access to NFT Marketplaces and NFT storage on the wallet, access to the games and the ability to fund and withdraw tokens, weekly and monthly draws, and a range of other useful and exciting features!

We encourage you all to download the games, to try them out and give us your feedback. We will soon have the app and games available on the App Store but in the meantime please share your thoughts and feedback on



The commencement of the staking program will begin from Feb 10 2022 onwards. We want to make sure the token is sustainable in the long run while maximizing your profit potential. That’s why we created a staking program. Participants in the program can hold the token for 1 week or 1 month. After that, you are welcome to renew the staking once again.

Staking Program for

10 days

Deposit Fee

Staking Program for

30 days

Deposit Fee

Our Story

Our story is short and sweet. We are tired of seeing projects come and go in the form of honeypots, rug-pulls and other gimmicks offering no real value or utility to its holders. That’s why we decided to come up with a project that gives you real rewards that you can touch and feel. And that’s just the beginning. The team is working non-stop to give you a real project that you can fully trust. We might not become the next doge coin but we are working to make it in the multi-billion dollar market cap.

We have big rewards, partnerships and announcements that will blow your head away. Join the movement and experience the journey with us. You won’t regret it! We are just getting started.


We are burning 10% of the total supply so that your coins are worth more as time passes and incentivize the community to hold. After the first burn, surprise daily manual burns will occur during the first week of the project in addition to other ones programed as the project moves ahead.

  • 10%
    Of all token supply will be burned periodically after the launch of the project
  • 1%
    Reward Surprise – Yes, it is an exciting surprise
  • 2%
    Of total Reward tokens directly for you in amazing prizes
  • 6%
    For the Team
  • 3%
    For Community Ambassadors (yes for you to help us grow the project and anyone who shill the token)
  • 5%
    Influencer Campaigns
  • 10%
  • 14.28%
  • 48.72%
    Public Sale


Buy Tax 14%

Auto buy back







Sales Tax 19%

Auto buy back









How to Buy $RWT

During presale

Step 1 : Create a MetaMask Wallet or Trust wallet and connect it to binance smartchain network.

MetaMask is available on iOS app store and Android playstore

Step 2 : Send $BNB to your trust wallet or MetaMask wallet.

Either purchase $BNB through trust wallet or Metamask using BUSD or transfer $BNB from another Wallet (e.g. Coinbase or Binance) to your Trust wallet or MetaMask wallet.

Step 3 : Click on connect wallet on

Your balance should be displayed once you are properly connected, else, you'll need to check to be sure you are properly connected to bsc network

Step 4 : Type the amount of $BNB you want to spend and click on buy.

Once done, you will see a pop up notification on Trust wallet or Metamask to approve transaction. Click on confirm or approve. Congrats

The RewardCard

The reward card is ready to disrupt and add tremendous value to the crypto community. Initially the card would give you benefits, access and other benefits globally. The full mechanism and how the card is going to work will be unveiled within the first 30 days of the project launch

Eventually the reward will give you the chance to store and exchange your crypto for fiat and withdraw your funds in any country. It is exciting times for the RWT community and look forward to give you more as our dedicated team works in establishing and securing more rewards.

REWARDEFI (Reward Game application)

Our team is visionary and looking forward to the future. That’s why our project will embrace the latest trends and embrace the most advanced developments within the industry to deliver value to you; the holder of our token.

RewarDefi is a revolutionary Defi Gaming application built on the binance smartchain and powered by Reward Token. RewarDefi rewards RWT holders for playing games and performing simple tasks.

Binance Smartchain rapidly powers most of the leading games in the blockchain space with very low transaction fees and this is the reason we decided to build on binance smartchain. RewarDefi will disrupt the gaming and reward industry through:
Stake your RWT on RewarDefi app and earn Rewards on a daily basis.

Earn rewards playing interactive games on RewarDefi gaming application, withdraw and Trade your rewards for other tokens.

You can earn massive rewards by Joining our weekly and monthly draws by simply holding RWT in your wallets.

The Team

We are a team of professionals hailing from over 8 countries and speaking over 10 languages Our team has professional and academic experience is the fields of technology, finance, business, fintech, economics, customer service and partnerships.

We also partner with a professional marketing team, which built the marketing strategy and will be helping us on the way to global expansion. We are also in talks with a professional agency exclusively to develop the entire Chinese and Asian market for the project

The roadmap

We are a fast adapting team that is ready to adjust our strategy depending on the circumstances. Below is our plan that is ready to be executed and we are working arduously to make sure nothing changes in this plan

  • Q2 2021
    • Idea Generation
    • Market Research
    • Reward partners discussions
    • Assemblance of the team
    • Initiating community building activities
  • Q3 2021 Project Development
    • Website creation and refining
    • Marketing agency secured
    • Social Media creation and launch
    • Creation of branding guidelines
    • Official launch of Pre-Sale - September 4th, 1pm UTC
    • Official public sale will start on Pancakeswap -September 12th, 1pm UTC
    • 50,000 Holders
    • Coinranking listing
    • CMC listing
    • Reward prizes and exclusive promotions announced on a continuous basis
    • First peaks and Beta version of the GameFi App to be released
  • Q4 2021
    • Launch of the Reward GameFi App
    • 75000 Holders
    • Reward program partnership announcements
    • Major CEX listings
    • Billboard Ads
    • Celebrity promotions
    • Influencer programs in motion
    • Global Rewards card issuance
  • Q1 2022
    • 80000 holders
    • Global partnership announcement
    • Global expansion with HQ in a major international city
    • Binance Listing
  • Q2 2022
    • 1B+ Market Cap
    • Further influencers engagements
    • Official RWT 1st Annual Conference in Dubai
    • Further plans will be announced

Message me for Pre & Public sale launch