FAQ – The Reward Token


What is your user case? What’s the utility of this token?

The Reward Token will give holders special access, perks, benefits and discounts across different outlets and locations around the world. As the time progresses, the Reward Card tied up with your tokens will give you more for the same. We are working on long lasting relationships and partnerships all over the world in order for your token to give you the most in the crypto space. And that’s just the beginning. Stay tuned for new partnerships and progress of the project.

Besides the benefits described above, is there anything else?

Certainly! In addition to all the benefits the token will give you, the Reward Card will give you the ability to convert your tokens into fiat currency and be able to pay anywhere in the world or simply just withdraw the funds. In a nutshell, with the reward card you will have discounts, perks and access across different places around the world in addition to being able to pay/or withdraw money with your reward card.

Is there any cost associated with getting the debit card?

First there are some small requirements. For those holding more than XXX since the beginning of the project you will get the card the moment that we launch

Those holding XX of tokens at any moment can apply to get the Reward Card instantly

The standard application fee for the card is $250 USD as long as you meet the requirements. If you want to get on the priority list and be one of the first people to receive your Reward Card, you must book the card in advance before September 15, 2021 5pm EST for $95 USD

The annual fee thereafter will be $125 USD.

For shipping and handling of your card, the price will be $49 USD for standard delivery. Please note that you will be receiving your Reward Card within 10-15 days of ordering it.

The fee payments of these cards must be done in RWT.

When this token was launched?

The token was launched on August XX, 2021

Who is behind the Reward Token ( RWT)

The team behind this project comes from different business sectors and professional experience ranging from technology, fintech, financial services, renewable energy, government, construction and programming. The team has almost 2 decades of professional experience and is dedicated in bringing the best project to you as we progress

What’s the contract address for the token?

The contract address is XXXXX